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The Snack Pack Story

The Big Picture
Snack Pack® is a great-tasting, shelf-stable pudding that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Its smooth, creamy texture, along with the ability to be enjoyed anytime, anywhere, makes it an appealing, sweet treat. It's available in regular, layered, fat free, and sugar free varieties. Enjoy it in single-serving cups. Snack Pack is a wholesome sweet treat because it's made with real nonfat milk, uses no preservatives, and never has contained high fructose corn syrup.

Great Moments
Snack Pack was introduced in 1968 as a shelf-stable pudding in single-serve aluminum cans. The pudding was sold in plastic cups in 1984—the first brand in the category to do so—and clear plastic cups beginning in 1990.

Fun Fact
Did you know Snack Pack made a cameo in the movie Billy Madison? Adam Sandler's character tries his best to snag a Snack Pack!